Open House Festival

75 Wallis Road

architectural practice

HTA Design LLP, 1868

75 Wallis Road, E9 5LN

A characterful factory, used for the manufacture of the first manmade plastic, was given a new future as an exemplary 21st century workplace for HTA Design. Our designers will lead tours explaining our renovation decisions and challenges.

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Hackney Wick


236, 26, 276, 30, 339, 388, 488, W15





75 Wallis Road consists of four separate mid-19th century industrial buildings which are the surviving elements of George Spill's Vulcanised Rubber Works built in 1861. Between 1864 and 1874, Spill's works were used by Alexander Parke to manufacture the world's first plastic - Parkesine. Due to their historic value, the buildings are 'non-designated heritage assets' and sit within the LLDC's Hackney Wick Conservation Area.

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