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City Curator's Collection: The Life Cycle of London's Landscape

As people inhabit the landscape, new communities emerge. The landscape responds to the challenges and stigmas of these communities. Overtime, buildings are repurposed and their meanings change. Our collection will explore this.

Guided tour

Aga Khan Centre

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The Aga Khan Centre, designed by Pritzker prize winning architect Fumihiko Maki, houses the UK institutions of the Aga Khan Development Network. A unique feature are its six gardens inspired by different regions of the Muslim world.

Fumihiko Maki of Maki and Associates, 2018

Drop in

A House for Artists

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A House for Artists is an ambitious project, designed to provide affordable, sustainable housing for artists, who will offer long-term civic and cultural engagement for communities in Barking Town Centre. Drop in to the creative workshop. This project is supported by the Mayor of London.

Apparata, 2020

Drop in

Brady Arts and Community Centre


The Brady Arts & Community Centre is on Hanbury St, just off Brick Lane in the busy & creative part of East London. It opened in 1935 as the Brady Jewish Girls & Boys Clubs. We are holding our open day on Saturday 16 September. Come and find out about the centre’s history and take part in drop in arts activities’.


Drop in / Guided tour

Brixton Windmill


A wonderful reminder of Brixton's rural past and inner London's last working mill. Built in 1816 by the Ashby family who produced flour until 1934. Restored to working order 2011. Producing flour today thanks to our volunteer millers.

Unknown, 1816


Decolonising Wembley

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Imperial Nostalgia & the Built Environment – A thought-provoking keynote address followed by a panel discussion exploring the theme of imperial nostalgia in the built environment, using Wembley as a case study.

Hounslow Jamia Masjid & Islamic Centre is the largest purpose built Mosque in West London. Serving the needs of the local community and working towards the common good.

Walking tour

Leamouth and Silvertown walking tour


A tour exploring transformative new developments that are – as one advert puts it – ‘built on London’s history’. It will look at how sites such as Goodluck Hope, London City Island and Royal Wharf use and are shaped by their Docklands past

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Drop in

London Buddhist Centre

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If you've never been to the centre, come and find out how this derelict Victorian fire station became a hub of Buddhism in the West; and if you already come to the centre, delve deeper into its architectural secrets!

Robert Pearsall, 1888

Walking tour

Stratford: past, present and future


On the surface Stratford is all Olympics and Westfield: this tour unearths the area's Roman and religious origins, unusual buildings, famous manufacturing pioneers, 20th century hard times and considers (from above) the impacts of its newest quarter.

Guided tour / Talk

The Life Cycle of London's Landscape


The life cycle of London’s landscape starts with history. History becomes an integral part of it from the very inception of its design, enriched through construction, and expands even after the building’s completion. As architectural landscapes are repurposed for contemporary needs, they continue to respond to challenges and stigmas of marginalised communities. Join us on Saturday 9th September (11am-1pm) to discuss what happens when people inhabit landscapes and new communities emerge. As landscapes mature, we are given a choice: to ignore or embrace what came before. What happens when the histories of these communities are neglected?

Fumihiko Maki of Maki and Associates, 2018

Not many would believe that Notting Hill, now an extremely wealthy part of London, was once notorious for being a “slum”. This tour explores the stories behind the streets of Notting Hill and how their effects can be seen decades on.