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Through the keyhole of special spaces and places across London and beyond.

  1. BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Neasden Temple) 3min 40sec
  2. Kingston Mill Street 3min 3sec
  3. The Polish Embassy in London 3min 30sec
  4. Aga Khan Centre 3min 46sec
  5. Salters' Hall 3min 22sec
  6. Millfield House 3min 20sec
  7. The Phoenix Community Garden 3min 17sec
  8. Walter's Way 3min 46sec
  9. Little Holland House 2min 51sec
  10. Honeywood Museum 2min 55sec
  11. Whitehall Historic House min sec
  12. Moore Brook Green 3min 25sec
  13. Kingston Museum 3min 7sec
  14. 15 Clerkenwell Close 3min 40sec
  15. The Library House Project 3min 30sec
  16. Glenkerry House 3min 11sec
  17. Peter Barber in Enfield 3min 13sec
  18. KINGSTON GUILDHALL 3min 20sec
  19. Tooting Bec Lido 3min 5sec
  20. Ealing Village 2min 4sec
  21. The Stanley Picker House 3min 18sec
  22. Dalston Curve Garden 3min 9sec
  23. Siobhan Davies Dance Studio 3min 31sec
  24. Biggin Hill Museum 2min 52sec
  25. Billingsgate Roman Baths 3min 25sec
  26. Crystal Palace Dinosaurs 3min 16sec
  27. Crystal Palace Skatepark 3min 21sec
  28. Leadenhall Market 3min 13sec
  29. Kingston Town House 3min 9sec
  30. King's Cross 3min 39sec
  31. The Estonian Embassy in London 2min 58sec
  32. Bell Phillips Housing in Greenwich 3min 7sec
  33. Belarusian Behind the Scenes 3min 2sec
  34. The Belarusian Memorial Chapel 3min 55sec
  35. Waterloo City Farm 3min 53sec
  36. Vanbrugh Park Estate 7min 11sec
  37. The Granville 4min 12sec
  38. Abbey Mills Pumping Station 3min 33sec
  39. Hampstead House 3min 25sec
  40. The Olympic Park 3min 48sec
  41. Poetics of Experience Episode I: Designed for Wellbeing min sec
  42. Poetics of Experience Episode III: Wellbeing in the profession 4min 6sec
  43. Poetics of Experience: Episode IV Designing for Wellbeing 4min 23sec
  44. Poetics of Experience: Episode II Naturally Connected 4min 3sec
  45. Poetics of Experience- performed by Lionheart 2min 19sec
  46. The National Youth Theatre 4min 41sec
  47. The Lee Navigation Canal 6min 23sec
  48. Core Landscapes 4min 18sec

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