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Open House Festival is an annual two week celebration of London featuring amazing events, tours and open days of special buildings across all 33 London boroughs. With hundreds of thousands of visitors, it is the most popular event of its kind in the world.

There are different ways you can get involved. Follow the links below to register for an account. If you’re not sure, don’t worry: it’s easy to change later—you might be a visitor at this year’s festival and next year decide to volunteer or become a contributor.


Visitors to the Open House Festival can explore the city’s most remarkable homes, architecture and landscapes, and learn about London’s unique heritage and communities.

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Volunteers help steward the festival by supporting hundreds of special sites. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet people, learn about London’s architecture and visit special places.

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Contributors to the Open House Festival can put on open days of flats, buildings and landscapes, or run tours, activities and events as part of the official festival programme.

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If you enjoy the Open House Festival and would like to support us to keep staging it, please donate generously when booking tickets and consider becoming a Friend of the Charity.

Open City, the charity which stages the Open House Festival, relies on support from people like you keep staging the Open House Festival and creating life-changing educational programmes for young people from under-represented communities to pursue studies and careers in architecture and design. Everyone who signs up as a friend gets access to an exclusive programme of tours and events throughout the entire year, plus discounts on books and tickets, and thank you presents in the post including advance access to each year’s Open House Festival guidebook.

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The Open House Festival attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors. We work with leading private and public sector organisations including most London boroughs and the Greater London Authority to engage large audiences with built projects and brands.

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