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C3 : Bureau Design at District


HNNA, 2021

13 Soames Walk, SE10 0AX

C3 is home to Bureau, a members club at the heart of Design District. Its undulating white facade creates informal pockets of space on the interior, ideal for flexible working models.

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North Greenwich


108, 355, 422, 486

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Cable car from the Royal Docks




The Buildings

C3 is the heart of the Design District forming half of Bureau, an entry level coworking club which offers a range of studio and social spaces with flexible, low cost membership designed specifically for those in the creative industries. The building provides approximately 1,300 sqm of new work and gathering spaces with a ground floor restaurant, screening lounge and external recessed courtyards.

Its clean, white aesthetic is interrupted by the informality of its skin, shaping unexpected ways to enjoy interstitial spaces and soften boundaries. The undulating plan shapes the angle and depth of view from the irregular, oversized apertures onto the narrow lanes and the public squares. Vertical, white, curved extrusions wrap the exterior of the building. The irregular oscillation works to break down the building mass from the outside and create informal pools of owned space within the open floor plan. Windows in the façade line face different directions, like bay windows, allowing both views into the narrow lanes from within the building and vice versa. As the building has such an animated skin, the shadow play of the tracking sun creates ever changing elevations and very different qualities of space at the building edges. Despite the unusual nature of the façade it has been highly regulated in order to ensure that the construction stays sustainable and low cost, allowing the creative spaces within to stay affordable.


HNNA are a studio of urban designers and architects founded by Hannah Corlett who combine practice and research to reconsider how we design cities. Our focus is on questioning preconceived attitudes in the midst of contemporary challenges. We have a strong reputation for delivering intelligent, inventive solutions that creatively add value for clients who are looking to invest in the future.

Having worked with Allies and Morrison Architects on the 2015 Masterplan for the whole of the Greenwich Peninsula HNNA were appointed directly to be the masterplanners of the Design District, 1 of the 8 architects and overall design coordinator of the other architects and consultants.

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