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Earls Court Project Rooms, 16-18 Empress Place, SW6 1TT

Learn about our plans to transform this 40-acre site into a new piece of the city that is inclusive, climate resilient and brimming with opportunity, and sustainability underpinning the masterplan. A destination to discover wonder, a home for creative talent and a showcase for one of the fastest growing industries in the world - clean and climate tech.

Getting there


West Brompton, Earl's Court, West Kensington


West Brompton


74, 190, 430



Accessibility notes

No wheelchair access and no children under the age of 13.

What you can expect

View the horizons of Hammersmith & Fulham and Kensington and Chelsea from the Table - the remaining part of the old Exhibition Centres.



For 150 years Earls Court has been known as a global showcase for innovation, entertainment and achievement. Internationally renowned, it was a source of national and local pride, supporting jobs and investment and helping local business to thrive. This was all lost when the site was left as an empty void after the Exhibition Centres were demolished.
It is now a physical barrier between communities. But at circa 40 acres and superbly well-connected, today it is London’s most important Opportunity Area.

Our vision

Our vision for Earls Court will bring wonder to life through our four place pillars:

A celebration of nature’s ability to connect and revive
- we have always believed in the value of nature to this development; conversations locally consistently tell us how important this is.
- we will create a series of ‘Exhibition Gardens’; a network of areas with changing character, connected through landscaped pedestrian routes taking you through the whole site.

A cultural ecosystem for the future of talent
- Earls Court has a magnificent heritage of live events. The area is famous for creativity and performance. Culture is central to re-establishing Earls Court as a destination for arts and entertainment once more.

A showcase for climate and clean innovation and skills
- the future is clean: the European climate tech market is worth 95bn euros, doubling in value every year since 2020. It will support two million skilled jobs by 2030.
- Earls Court will create a home for this industry with a workspace ecosystem supporting start-ups, scale ups and multinationals.

An inspiring neighbourhood designed for all stages of life
- Earls Court will reflect the brilliance of London. It will be inclusive, intergenerational and accessible to all.
- we are exploring collaborative approaches to housing for those who do not qualify for social housing but are priced out of the open market in London.


We are currently consulting on our latest thinking and concepts for the site, based on feedback received from the community. The emerging concepts form the basis of future plans that seek to create something truly outstanding, resilient and adaptable, befitting of this extraordinary and strategically important part of our capital city. Championing innovation will be central to plans to genuinely reflect the seismic changes which are continuing to impact how we live, work and spend time. We are committed to speaking and listening to as many residents as we can about our evolving proposals to ensure the plans are as inclusive as possible. We will be submitting a planning application in summer 2024

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