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Tour the Square Root Factory


Robyn Simms, 2018

Unit D11, Leyton Industrial Village, Argall Avenue, E10 7QP

Getting there


Walthamstow Central


55, 56, W19

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The closest station to our factory is Lea Bridge which is accessible from both Stratford and Tottenham Hale.




About Square Root

Square Root was founded in 2012 in Robyn Simms's kitchen with a simple philosophy. "Always fruit. Never concentrate".

Robyn created Square Root to bring life to the soft drinks industry, experimenting with a delicious range of flavours while maintaining the core values of using all-natural ingredients.

Using the same ethos as craft beer and roping in her partner, Ed, she set up the Square Root Soda Works - a soda brewery where Square Root is made from fruit to bottle.

Sourced directly from our fruity farming partners, we get the best fruit delivered straight to our Soda Works. Lemons and oranges grown by the soon-to-be-famous Carmelo Laudani in Sicily, check. A variety of rhubarb grown just for us in the Yorkshire Rhubarb Triangle, you got it.

Our team of skilled Soda Jerks source, squash, crush, pulp, squeeze, infuse, mash, macerate, wedge, juice, extract, smush, jam, (*deep breath*) pulverise, crunch, mill, reduce, pound, grind, liquidise, mince, chew, cuddle (jk) and press every single piece of fruit that enters our Soda Works so we can guarantee you get the best tasting liquid we can possibly make you.

Once we've got our freshly squeezed juice, it's time to mix it into our soda recipes in small batches and then get those sodas into our packaging. Our Soda Jerks rinse, fill, cap, pasteurise (for shelf life), label and box up our sodas, ready to go out for you to enjoy.

We do all this, so all you need to do is crack open the top and voila, soda heaven is incoming!

What To Expect

For the first time in our 9-year history, Square Root is opening its factory doors to the public. We will be running two exclusive live weekend shifts to demonstrate how our drinks get made.
You will be shown around our production space, where fruit will be being juiced and our other ingredients processed into our soda mix. Then you will be taken around our state-of-the-art packaging line, where one of our sodas will be getting filled into glass bottles, labelled and boxed up, ready to be shipped out to our customers.
We'll end with a Q&A and tasting of some of our delicious sodas, including some fresh-off-the-line drinks.
You will leave with an understanding of what it's like inside a factory.
Please note: There are only 10 spots available per tour. You will be entering a working factory. You must be conscious of your surroundings, follow any safety instructions we give you on the day and children must be supervised by an adult at all times.

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