Open House Festival

Schindel Studio

art studio

Archer + Braun, 2022

16 Eatington Road, E10 6EA

Schindel studio is a shingle clad, purpose built, sustainable artist's studio in Leytonstone, East London, for the landscape painter Amelia Humber.

Getting there


Wood Street, Leyton Midland Road


W19, W15, W12, 56, 357, 257, 230, 20




The ambition for the studio was to both construct and run it using the latest sustainable materials and technologies. Rather than pour concrete which is environmentally problematic, screw piles were used for the foundations, and the walls, roof and floor structure are built from timber frame. Instead of specifying standard petrochemical insulation that is widely available for the studio’s thermal envelope, the walls and roof were specified to be entirely breathable, using insulation made from both wood fibre and recycled denim from the fashion industry. There were also no plastic waterproofing membranes used in the build. There will be samples of the insulation products available and the architect will be on site to discuss their first hand experience using these materials and technologies.


Schindel Studio is the workspace of the landscape painter Amelia Humber. Amelia's oil paintings strive to relay the atmosphere and emotion of the landscape through a personal and momentary experience. They contain the ideas of capturing those immediate feelings of drama in a continuously changing landscape, and her work will be on display in the studio.

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