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1923 Northern Line Extension stations


Stanley Heaps, 1923

Golders Green Underground Station, North End Road, NW11 7RN

A tour that contrasts the before and after of the architecture of the 1922 Northern line extension, examining the impact on the existing terminus at Golders Green as well as the new station architectural vernacular created by Stanley Heaps

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Golders Green


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In 1923-1924, the Northern line was extended from Golders Green to Edgware. Five new stations - from Brent Cross to Edgware - were added to the network.

This extension was the first one of the Charing Cross, Euston and Hampstead Railway, which is now the Northern line. These stations were designed by Underground architect Stanley Heaps, in what was a new architectural style for the Underground network. The stations, done in a Neo-Georgian style, reflected a more traditional mindset that was representative of the suburban growth of London. It was an approach that was then rejected by the Underground in its further expansion in the 1920s and 1930s, as Frank Pick partnered with architect Charles Holden to produce distinctive stations that stood out from their street presence.

This tour will start at Golders Green station, where we will discuss the pre-1923 extension architecture and the way that Golders Green was expanded and changed to both serve as a transport hub as the terminus of the line and then rebuilt to acccommodate the extension of the line. It will then proceed to Brent Cross station, where we will discuss the architectural hallmarks of this style, and finally proceed to Hendon Central station, where we will discuss the suburban growth that followed the expansion of the Underground.

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