Open House Festival

The Paper Garden


Jan Kattein Architects with Global Generation, 2023

The Paper Garden, SE16 7LG

This summer Jan Kattein Architects complete one of the most ambitious circular economy buildings attempted in the UK in decades. The 300m2 educational building in Canada Water forms part of the Paper Garden, for charity Global Generation.

Getting there


Canada Water


Surrey Quays



Additional travel info

The Entrance is on Teredo Street, between the TEDI London Campus and the Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays. Exact Google Maps coordinates for access are 51.496482, -0.042673



Accessibility notes

Parking available at nearby Surrey Quays Leisure Park


Tours of the Paper Garden by Jan Kattein Architects and Global Generation

Join us for guided tours of Global Generation's newest space, designed by Jan Kattein Architects and co-built by volunteers.

Co-building has become an integral part of Global Generation’s engagement activities with corporate and community volunteers of all ages participating. Working in this way, 3000 people have been rallied to the cause who will take the message about the project back to their communities.

The project has required us to re-design the entire construction process to facilitate experimentation, adjustment and participation within the confines of a modest construction budget. With an uncompromising focus on reuse, the project sets a precedent for sustainable construction whilst unleashing the potential of the construction process itself to convey skills and contribute to greater community coherence in an area of London that is undergoing rapid transformation.

Built from 60% reused materials (measured by volume), the Paper Garden easily exceeds the LETI (Low Energy Transformation Initiative) 2030 target. In fact, we are 7 years ahead of one of the most ambitious targets set by any organisation in the UK.

The tours will be led by Jan Kattein Architects and Global Generation.

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