Open House Festival

London Open Form Pavilion of Air

art in the public realm

Robert Curgenven, 2023

Kensington Gardens, W2 3XA

A floating roof of sound, GPS-triggered & accessed by headphones & Echoes app to playfully reframe public space as an essential community engagement. One of 15 in an international series drawing on Oskar & Zofia Hansen’s Open Form concept.

Getting there


Knightsbridge, Hyde Park Corner, Lancaster Gate




94, 390, 274, 148

Additional travel info

Cycle hire docking stations are nearby - opposite Serpentine Gallery North and South - and at Seville Street (by Knightsbridge station), South Carriage Drive (by Hyde Park Corner station), and Bayswater Road (by Lancaster Gate). To park your own bike, Sheffield stands are available at Serpentine Galleries and at various locations throughout the park.


Accessibility notes

The Pavilion is easy to access: 1. Download Echoes app 2. Grab a mobile phone & headphones 3. Download audiowork in app (not a browser) via link or QR code & save it to your phone so its ready to open when at the location More info:


Acoustic Architecture

London Open Form Pavilion of Air is a floating roof of sound, triggered by GPS and accessed via a smartphone, headphones and the app. One of 15 locations in 9 countries in the pan-European Open Form Pavilion of Air series inspired by Polish architects Oskar & Zofia Hansen’s “Open Form” architectural concept, it uses sound and site-mapping to offer a playful renewal and reframing of public space as an essential place of engagement for the community.

The Pavilion's area takes the form of a 160 x 160 metre arrow pointing west to Ireland & the sunset. Invisibly occupying part of the Gardens, itself once a King’s playground, the work's concept echoes & reframes the fading colonial notion of a "... vast [British] empire on which the sun never sets" (the words of British colonial administrator Earl George Macartney in his "An Account of Ireland in 1773 by a Late Chief Secretary of that Kingdom").

By walking through different zones in the specific area by the Serpentine Gallery in Kensington Gardens while using your mobile phone, the Echoes app and headphones, you become a participatory listener producing a composition in real-time. Your navigation creates a unique choreography via GPS, combining and changing sounds mapped in the Gardens through the app. Hear the park and its context become transformed by the many sounds forming this floating acoustic architecture, revealing an immersive, profoundly spatial and physical experience. The Pavilion has no visible presence outside the app and can only be accessed and enjoyed on-site.

To access it - download the Echoes app then download the audiowork in the echoes app (not a browser) via link or QR code & save it to your phone so its ready to open when at the location.

More details:

Learn more about the series and London's sister piece in Dublin

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