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28 Lawrence Road, N15 4EG



28 Lawrence Road, N15 4EG

The building serves as a live-and-work site for creatives, as well as our organisation, which plays an important role in the local community's life. We have two offices here, along with our Community Hub, which was designed by studio Unit38

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The Studio 28 building is a multi-purpose building located on Lawrence Road in Tottenham. This dynamic building houses artists' studios, housing organisations that offer housing and holistic support to ex-offenders, and many other organisations. As the exciting neighbourhood undergoes redevelopment, once-famous factories are being demolished. The street is home to new developments and a class of new tenants living alongside local communities, which is reflected on the eclectic side streets of Philip Lane and West Green Road.

Treat of History

The economic growth of Victorian England brought new railway lines and factories to Tottenham in 1840 as a result of the Industrial Revolution. Studio 28 is located in the headquarters of one of the remaining factories from that era, first known as Standard Works in the early 1900s and later known as Patent Medicines, which produced prepackaged medicines for sale over-the-counter. A 10 minute walk away, on the site of Tottenham Hale's retail park, once stood Cabinet Works, the largest furniture factory in Europe at the time. There will be opportunities for visitors to engage with the past of a disappeared era, with the present of colourful Tottenham, as well as with the potential future of gentrification.

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