Open House Festival

Loop House, Teddington


Unagru Architecture Urbanism, 2022

2 Bridgeman Road, Teddington, TW11 9AH

Bridgeman Road project is a refurbishment project of a three-storey house with an extension of the roof with a dormer. The outcome is a joyful interior with bold use of colours and materials.

Getting there





Design Intentions

Loop House is like a Lego box filled with colours and textures, rooms separated by portals, changing finishes and a flood of natural light. On the ground floor, we experimented with a new layout diagram that allows us to circle around the central core. The large openings between the rooms are not always aligned (like in the Mies Van der Rohe’s German houses), increasing the sense of surprise as we move through this narrative plan. We imagined large gatherings, long Scorsese-like camera movements through the space, and children playing hide and seek. We insulated and clad the extension in white tiles and opened it with corner sliding doors and a massive bifold window. The boundary between the garden and the house almost disappears; insects, smells, light and colours flow in and out.

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