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Kenworthy Road


Alexander Hills Architects and Anthony Engi Meacock, 2021

89A Kenworthy Road, E9 5RB

This a new self-build house by two architect friends, Anthony Engi Meacock and Alexander Hills, on a narrow infill site within a late Victorian terrace.

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There are good bus and overground links alongside both Santander and Lime bike rentals.



Accessibility notes

The ground floor from the street is accessible and includes a WC and cloakroom alongside kitchen / dining / living spaces. Upstairs is only accessible by stair.


Project Information

This project is a collaboration between two old friends and architects, and is designed as a home for personal use.

Having found a site in Homerton at auction in 2014, we went through a number of designs and meanwhile uses - including a shop and a studio cabin - before we got planning permission in 2018 for a 2 bedroom dwellinghouse.

The design itself is heavily directed by its constraints - the site being an infill in a Victorian parade of shops, driving a key response in compartentalising its narrow width (varying from 4.1m to 3.2m) and length (22m).

Towards the private yard to the rear, enclosed by the arching terrace, it responds to the neighbouring building lines and windows in how it terraces back from the ground floor to the second, each storey pivoting to a new contextual value.

After a careful reading of this context, it became a process of ‘restitching’ the terrace together, completing the line of buildings with a nod to the imagined original intention of the Victorian builders.

Internally, we developed the spatial programme with a communal ground floor with a bed and bath per floor above, the stairs pulled to the street-side to create both a bufffer and allow us to position the main window between floor plates. On each floor we followed a similar pattern of stairs with bathroom accessed off the landing, towards a constriction of storage/ ancillory spaces in the middle of the plan giving way to the habitable living/bed space to the quieter rear.

The house is presently for sale on The Modern House.

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