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6 Moretown (Gensler London Studio)

offices, architectural practice

Gensler, 2019

6 Moretown, Tower Hamlets, E1W 1YW

A contemporary adaptation of a 1980s office building, and home of global design firm Gensler. Each level of the building is connected by a structural timber facade and set of stairs, and the new 5th floor cantilevers from the roof.

Getting there


Tower Hill, Tower Gateway, Aldgate East


Liverpool Street







Originally known as Thomas More Square, the site sits within the walls of the former London Docks. It was redeveloped as a business estate in the 1980s, and by the 2010s was in need of a major refresh. It was re-imagined as a new creative cluster in 2018, and re-named 'Moretown'.

No. 6 Moretown

No. 6 stands on the right of the main gates when entering Moretown, and is the only free-standing building. It was completely redeveloped by Gensler in 2018, with a new glass extension on the it's front elevation, a new 5th floor added to the roof, new connective stair linking all of the levels, and new interiors.

Gensler's European HQ

The building now forms the home of Gensler London, as the headquarters of the European region. Gensler is a global design firm established in 1965 by Art Gensler. The firm practices architecture and design with a diverse portfolio of commercial office buildings, retail centers, airports, education facilities, entertainment complexes, planning and urban design, mission-critical facilities, consulting, and brand design.

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