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Sheppard Robson 77 Parkway

architectural practice

Sheppard Robson, 1974

77 Parkway , Camden Town, NW1 7PU

Nestled off a busy street in Camden, the former industrial building has been home to architectural firm Sheppard Robson for over 40 years. A series of additions have allowed more amenity, social spaces, and diversity in work settings.

Getting there


Camden Town


Camden Road


88, 274




Sheppard Robson’s home for over 40 years

Nestled off a busy street in Camden Town, the former industrial building has been home to architectural firm Sheppard Robson for over 40 years. The refurbishment involves a series of additions that has given the practice the opportunity to add a greater range of amenity and social spaces as well as diversity in work settings. The expansion of the triangular shaped building has been done alongside sensitive repairs to create a significantly improved office environment that retains the distinct character of the original building.

Retrofit + Expansion

As you approach the office, the building’s original water tower—now restored—signals the entrance into the intimate courtyard just off the bustling Parkway. As part of several additions to the building’s structure, a new entrance and meeting rooms above project out into the courtyard. These large, expansive windows are echoed on the other side of the courtyard, where new meeting rooms have been suspended above the existing walkway.

The other major addition is an extension to the rear of the building, with the extra space allowing for all the Sheppard Robson team—previously spread over three sites in Camden—to be co-located, whilst also expanding the range of amenities for staff and visitors.

Modern Heritage

This balance of rawness and refined surfaces is found throughout the building, such as the bespoke concrete reception desk, the bronze-coloured, stainless steel hardware and the cast concrete surfaces in the toilets. All of these are a modern interpretation of the heritage of the building, with this narrative also subtly woven into the signage and manifestation design throughout the building, which refers to the history of the building in Morse code.

Embracing Flexibility + Encouraging Inclusion

We have embraced flexible working over the last few years and updated our offices to reflect shifting priorities when it comes to the workplace. The addition of a Maker’s Space and Teams Hub enables more collaborative working, so employees can make the most of being together in the office. The inclusion of booth seating in the Teams Hub creates space for private, focused work, and improves accessibility for neurodiversity, by creating further alternative working environments that individuals can choose to best suit their needs.

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