Open House Festival

Hoxton Hall


James Mortimer, 1863

130 Hoxton Street, N1 6SH

Hoxton Hall was originally built in 1863 by James Mortimer, in the traditional music hall architecture style, with the intention to combine instruction with amusement. It is a Grade 2 Listed Plus building and one of 5 Music Hall's left.

Getting there


Old Street


Hoxton, Liverpool Street, Shoreditch High Street


149, 242, 243, 394, 67

Additional travel info

All detailed information on travel can be found in this link:



Accessibility notes

There is a lift to all floors. We can adapt to accommodate access needs. Email if using a wheelchair.

What you can expect

The tour will be an hour and most of that will be walking. However there are spaces to sit at various points.


About the Hoxton Hall Open House

Past meets present as Hoxton Hall opens its doors on Saturday September 16 with tours of the Grade Two listed historic Music Hall.

Originally built in 1863, the building has seen many changes reflecting the diversity and voices of local people and is still a thriving performance and community venue. With the Lady of the Manor as your tour guide, learn about the history of Music Hall and explore every nook and cranny of this architectural marvel, and even step foot on the very same stage where countless performers have left their mark!

Partnership with The Good Companions

As well as experiencing Hoxton Hall, visitors will also get to get up onstage if they wish and join in with community Music Hall groups The Good Companions who will be dressed in Victorian Music Hall costume and will lead a sing along.

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