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Archmongers, 1978

12 Hassett Road, E9 5SN

Architects own house in Hackney. A very recently completed re-work of a 70's split-level house in Hackney. The house is owned by architect and partner of Archmongers Architects, Johan Hybschmann and his wife Anita Freeman.

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The house is located 3 minutes walk from Homerton Overground station.




Hassett is the latest project from the London based practice, Archmongers. The house is owned by one of the partners of the practice and his family. This project has not yet been published and the event is a chance to see the house in a very newly completed state.

Hassett is a refurbishment and extension of a fairly brutal 70's split-level house in Hackney. The house has recently been extensively but sensitively updated with a focus on following the DNA of the building and its materials. This meant that clues in the existing house informed most material choices for the re-work, using as little different materials as possible. The original design used brick, concrete, galvanised steel and timber for its main components and all updates and additions follow this original brief.

This has resulted in a project where structural and material honestly has been a key factor and the raw materials now gives the project its character in a stripped back dialog with the 70's house. The design includes many moments of very refined details against raw back drop of the original house and the scars of the re-work.

The extension is a fully in-situ cast concrete structure with exposed and insulated surfaces. This is a rare design brief in a domestic scale project and the simplistic appearance has been achieved though very intensive detailing.

We would like to invite people to see an example of a design lead project that is now made ready for many decades to come, using very durable and highly detailed solutions.

We hope to see you on the 16th of September,


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