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Hounslow Sri Guru Singh Sabha


Alice Way, Hanworth Road, Hounslow, TW3 3UD

The Gurdwara exists to serve the local community in the Hounslow and surrounding areas, providing a space within which the community can congregate and worship in accordance with the Sikh faith.

Getting there


Hounslow Central




110, 111, 120, 237

Additional travel info

111 from Kingston, 237 from Brentford (with the E2 or E8 from Ealing), 110 from Richmond, 120 from Southall



Accessibility notes

Lifts to other floors

What you can expect

The site's key areas are the quiet ambient Prayer mediation halls where one can relax and meditate as well as the academic center.

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Drop in activities

Wed 18 Sep


Drop in: Guided Tour


Drop in: Guided Tour


Drop in: Guided Tour



This Gurdwara, a Sikh place of worship, is a listed building that began its early days as two scout huts on Hibernia Road. Gradually, the Sikh community through donations acquired adjoining land and built the Main Gurdwara building that was opened in November 1992. The Gurdwara offers more than a hundred services that are free. This led to the expansion of our estate with the New Complex that was opened by the late HM Queen Elizabeth in October 2004.

The main building houses the Main admin offices, a large Dining hall that provides over 5,000 free meals a week, Main Paryer ‘Darbar’ Hall, with four entrance doors welcoming anyone to pray from any direction with additional satellite activity rooms. The New Complex houses a Community Centre, an Education Centre, a Library and an Exhibition Hall.

The Sikh Faith

Religious and community activities are strongly integrated within the Sikh Faith as taught by the Sikh Gurus in our three key ‘Pillars of Faith’. The Gurus knew that by living in accordance with these three values, the Seekers of Truth would achieve spiritual elevation and material happiness in this world.
• Naam Japna (staying focussed on God)
• Kirat Karni (honest earning and living)
• Vand Chakna (sharing with the needy)
The Gurdwara hosts a range of regular faith-based activities like weddings and funerals, Kirtan classes and Langar, supported by further community activities like health check surgeries, yoga and meditation classes, etc. This Gurdwara has a footprint of over 400,000 visitors a year.

MUST-DOs when visiting a Sikh Gurdwara/Place of Worship

Please note the Gurdwara protocol:
• Head must be covered – scarves can be provided.
• Please remove your shoes in the Shoe Deposit Area.
• Please ensure you are NOT carrying any intoxicants – alcohol, drugs or tobacco.

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