Open House Festival

Tin House


Henning Stummel Architects, 2015

Smugglers Yard, Devonport Road, W12 8PB

Making efficient use of an irregular urban site, this house is made up of interconnecting top-lit pavilions arranged to define a tranquil private courtyard.

Getting there


Goldhawk Road, Shepherd's Bush Market


Shepherd's Bush


207, 260, 283



Accessibility notes

Large parts of the house are at ground level and wheelchair accessible

What you can expect

This is a residential home around a calm and peaceful court yard

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Drop in activities

Sat 21 Sep


Drop in: Tours of the Tin House


The Site

This site in suburban London is set away from the street and the surrounding properties overlook it. Ensuring privacy is most critical. Our response has been to work with a low and inward looking courtyard arrangement. This offers the greatest privacy, both visually and acoustically.


The design is a composition of different, mainly single storey pavilions allowing us to respond to the different conditions around the perimeter and create an ensemble that looks onto a secluded and serene courtyard. Each pavilion accommodates a room and has a roof that slopes on all four sides with a top light over the middle. This shape reduces the contour, whilst maximizing the volume. The top light offers fantastic natural light.

Secondary spaces such as toilets and stairs are hidden within the capacious double walls of the links between pavilions, so that the final design reads as an enfilade of generous top lit spaces. The pavilions are gently moulded to make efficient use of the site.

All the pavilions will be finished in a standing seam metal cladding. It will be a modest utilitarian finish that will highlight the sculptural quality of the design.

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