Open House Festival

King's Cross Masterplan


Allies and Morrison, Porphyrios Associates, 2007

11 Stable Street, N1C 4AB

The King’s Cross Masterplan established a framework for the incremental redevelopment of this industrial heritage site through a mix of uses and a network of public spaces structuring new urban blocks and knitting the site into its context.

Getting there


King's Cross St. Pancras


King's Cross


17, 30, 214, 390, 46





Over the past 15 years, King’s Cross has already undergone a fundamental transformation. This tour will explain the thought process behind the masterplan that has seen King's Cross Central evolve from an idea on paper to one of the most sought after places in London. It will shed light on how routes and spaces within the development provided a flexible framework for sequential development on the site, while assisting in creating a successful place at each phase of the development.

Starting at the King’s Cross Visitor Centre, architects Allies and Morrison will explain the concepts that underpin both the new and the restored buildings as well as the routes and open spaces that connect them to the surrounding neighbourhoods. Tracing some of the most important achievements of the masterplan, such as linking the railway stations to the former derelict Granary Building and beyond, and improving York Way as a central route joining Camden with Islington, the tour will provide insight into the design ideas and urban principles that have guided this remarkable 24 hectare redevelopment, as well as explaining some of the infrastructural complexities underpinning the site.

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