Open House Festival

Rufford Mews Apartment


Mike McMahon Studio, 2022

Unit 9, Rufford Mews, N1 0AD

The interior of this property has been designed by Mike McMahon and the majority of the furniture and cabinetry have been made by Mike & Jewlsy over the course of a number of years including lighting, chairs, sofas, beds etc.

Getting there


King's Cross St. Pancras


Caledonian Road & Barnsbury





Furniture Design & Making

The tour will cover a range of different furniture pieces designed and made by Mike McMahon Studio and the various different techniques that we used to make them. This includes lightings, tables, chairs, sofas, beds and the cabinetry all which have been made by the owners.

Urban Gardening

The tour will also include the balconies which demonstrate what is possible from a modest sized central city elevated garden. The 'junglette' balconies contain a number of exotic plants including tree ferns and have a pond with native species.

Mike McMahon Studio

Mike McMahon Studio is a London based design studio. We specialise in creative design for architecture, interiors, and furniture. Sustainability, urban greening, and landscaping are key themes in our work. Our designs are driven by the unique context, history, materiality, and geometry of each project, resulting in truly original solutions

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