Open House Festival

Beating the Bounds


Unknown, 19

By the London Eye Pier, The Queen's Walk, SE1 7PB

Setting off from the Festival of Britain site we cover icons of the South Bank before heading into the back streets to see different types of social housing. We travel over to Bankside to see an overview of the historic and contemporary.

Getting there


Waterloo, Westminster




77, 381

Additional travel info

Uber Thames Clipper calls at London Eye Pier. Many cycle stands on the South Bank. We will not be returning here. Please call 07833504387 if you are going to be late.


Accessibility notes

Tour using standard pavements and road crossings. There is a 10 min section that uses stairs (can be missed out)


About the Tour

You tour is lead by Paul Malone who is an artist based at the APT studios in Deptford. For 40 years, Paul had a day job as a milkman for the area of the Tour and has seen first hand many changed here over the decades. He has worked recently as a tour guide for the Architecture Foundation.
Paul has a keen interest in all things urban and runs a website for street imagery - - This tour seeks to provide an overview of this part of London for those unfamiliar with the area, or those who only know it by its more popular aspects. The Tour integrating the aesthetics of the street with historical documentation. Due to entry restrictions we will not be able to visit the interiors of the buildings. Normally we finish at Borough High St.. 2 hours - 2 miles.

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