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East Ham

There's plenty to explore in this east London neighbourhood, in the London Borough of Newham. Why not visit Manor Park Community Gardens, a space created by local residents. Art lovers will enjoy Applecart Arts, offering guided tours on the story behind this creative art hub. For the bookworms among us, head to A Bookshop for All to meet the woman behind the books, Vivian Archer.

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A bookshop for All


Newham Bookshop has been running for 45 years; it was founded in 1978. The bookshop plays an important role in this community, providing students, teachers, parents and the whole community with a rich variety of books.

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Applecart Arts

mixed use

Applecart Arts moved into the building and began an extensive refurbishment, opening the site to the public as a creative arts hub. The site now provides a home for a theatre, cafe, exhibition, rehearsal, and artist studio spaces.

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Central Park, War Memorial and Cafe

garden, public realm/landscape, restaurant/bar, monument

The park opened in 1898. 7,000 attended the event, enjoying refreshments and speeches stressing the importance of creating resources for children. The walkways, fountain, bowling green, war memorial and cafe were incorporated over time.

Unknown , 1898

This house was built by its owners (2018-2022), which creates an acute sense of ownership and connection to the neighbourhood. It shows how small and redundant sites could be used to provide high quality and sustainable places to dwell.

dwell-ing architecture workshop, 2018

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Manor Park Community Garden


Manor Park Community Garden was first established by local residents in 2012. . In 2020, a new group of residents saw an opportunity to reinvigorate the space, into an edible garden with fruit trees, asian vegetables and herbaceous flowers.

, 2020

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Rainbow Garden


A community garden in the very early stages, being developed in an abandoned land in Brampton Park using Community Assembly funds.

Penny Evans, 2019

This is an artist-run, community-focused space, that offers affordable studios since 2011. Built around 1893 and adjacent to Almshouses. Also, used as a bakery and later became laboratory glassware in the late 1950s.

Unknown , 1893

Grade I listed 12C church, with London's largest churchyard and one of the best-preserved Norman archways in the country, as well as other interesting features, including an anchorite's cell and 750-year-old wall paintings.

Unknown, 1130