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The Temple Church


Medieval, 1185

off Fleet Street, EC4Y 7BB

Medieval architecture meets Wren's refurbishments in this inspiring building, the Mother Church of the Common Law. The Magna Carta exhibit: has William Marshal and King John where they would have debated and agreed clauses of Magna Carta.

Getting there


Temple, Chancery Lane




4, 11, 15, 26, 76, 341

Additional travel info

Main entrance to the site is via Tudor Street




Eight Hundred Years of History

The Temple Church is one of the most historic and beautiful churches in London. Here are eight hundred years of history: from the Crusaders in the 12th century, through the turmoil of the Reformation and the founding father of Anglican theology, to some of the most famous church music in London, week by week – music which we invite you to come and hear when you are next within striking distance of the Temple.

The Church was built by the Knights Templar, the order of crusading monks founded to protect pilgrims on their way to and from Jerusalem in the 12th century. The Church is in two parts: the Round and the Chancel. The Round Church was consecrated in 1185 by the patriarch of Jerusalem. It was designed to recall the holiest place in the Crusaders’ world: the circular Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem. It is a numinous space – and has a wonderful acoustic for singing.

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