Open House Festival

The Prince Henry Room


Architect unknown, 1610

17 Fleet Street, EC4Y 1AA

Prince Henry’s Room is located at 17 Fleet Street, one of the few buildings in the city that survived the 1666 London Great Fire. The room, on the first floor contains one of the best-preserved Jacobian-enriched plaster ceilings in London.

Getting there


Chancery Lane, Temple


City Thameslink


15, 26, 341, 76



Accessibility notes

For access to the room, visitors will need to climb a small flight of stairs. There is a handrail.


A fascinating room

Prince Henry’s Room is found at 17 Fleet Street, one other rare survivors of the 1666 Great Fire. As such, it comprises mesmerising architecture, its ceiling, constituting one of the best-preserved Jacobian enriched plaster ceilings. From the Templars' hands to Henry the VIII's, legends surrounding it, make this a mythical space too. Visitors will be able to discover the fascinating room accompanied by a guide along the way.

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